LoadSEER is a dynamic blueprint of the future of your electric distribution system. The LoadSEER distribution, corporate planning and DER integration application is built on the most granular, frequently updated distribution load database and provides the user a multitude of efficient, automated circuit planning scenario capabilities, load shape forecasts and delivers accurate and valued insights for the continuous commissioning of the “grid edge”. It’s not a sterile simulation engine or a study; it’s a data management platform that harnesses disparate, granular data sets to produce confident planning decisions about the distribution system. The difference? The user is the driver. Your rules are LoadSEER’s rules.

LoadSEER is provisioned as a cloud-based Enterprise Service Bus, integrating geospatial, SCADA historian, AMI, customer billing, historical and forecast weather and the utility’s powerflow application to produce an econometric load and grid reliability blueprint that serve as the core forecasting and planning product for a utility.

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